About Fresh Betty

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The inspiration behind Squirtini & Fresh Betty. From left to right: Chase, Patrick, Mackenzie, Farley and Abby Boyle. 
FRESH BETTY is finally here. I created this line to fill the same void I found when creating  Squirtini Bikini four years ago...the need for age appropriate suits for the former tween who has now become a TEEN/young adult.  My fourteen-year old has the body of a fully mature woman but doesn't want or need to showcase every square inch of it yet, thankfully :) Fresh Betty has modern, hip silhouettes that resonate with the demographic served yet has tasteful cuts that still leave a lot to the imagination. 

In surfer terminology, a “Fresh” means "cute, attractive, stylie", a "Betty" is a “hot chick” or a “girl that surfs" so when used together you're being paid a pretty decent compliment! As the big sister to my  SQUIRTINI BIKINI  line, Fresh Betty silhouettes are made up of little-to-no construction but attract the active girl on the go. Fresh Betty consists of a range of fashion-forward sports bra tops, ruffled bandeaus and halterkinis with adjustable cross-strap tops, triangle tops with added coverage and removeable pads, along with an array of different bottoms that flatter an individual's shape. Everything is sold as a separate so you can buy the size that truly fits you on the top and bottom. 

I was raised on Florida’s Gulf Coast and currently reside at the Jersey Shore so the beach has always been my home away from home. A drawer filled with bikinis was mandatory. A bathing suit accompanied by flip flops was my uniform. Being married to an avid surfer constantly in pursuit of waves has led me to countless tropical destinations, all of which have influenced and inspired my designs. Having three daughters who are different ages, shapes and sizes highlighted the void in the swimwear marketplace. When I couldn’t find what I needed I created it and birthed two more babies, Squirtini Bikini & Fresh Betty- 


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